What method of Tattoo Removal can get the pigment or tattoo ink out in one session with no scarring?

       No removal process will get pigment out in one shot other than having a plastic surgeon cut the tissue out. Even then you will have scarring.

 Who developed A + Ocean and the techniques used?

       Master Cosmetic Tattoo Artist John Hashey developed the Hypertonic Saline Solution in 1980. The world's first natural Saline and advanced                         techniques, Master Artist John Hashey, developed a system that truly works. Numerous companies have tried to copy the product, but none                       work as well as A + Ocean.

 Who Can perform conventional or cosmetic tattoo lightening or removal?

       Only licensed and insured tattoo artists, cosmetic and conventional, Doctors and nurses that have been trained and certified by A + Ocean.

 How fast does A + Ocean work?

       Wether lightening or removing a tattoo, the speed of the process will depend on the depth of the ink or pigment that has been insterted.

 What are the advantages of using all natural A + Ocean Tattoo Removal Solution?

       The process does not cause permanent damage the tissue like lasers or chemical removal methods. A + Ocean will not remove natural skin  colour,           and, unlike lasers, will remove all colour inks. A + Ocean can be used on facial tissue for cosmetic tattoo. Cost of removing is a fraction of other                 methods.

 How long does A + Ocean last and how should it be stored?

     A + Ocean has a 12 month shelf life and should be stored in a refrigerator.

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