A + Ocean Tattoo Removal Solution 1.5 Ounce (44mL)


A + Ocean uses te finest sea salt available any place in the world and then refines the salt and completes a filtering process that makes it as pure as it can possibly be. You will not find any Carcinogens or any other products used in the formulation that other saline products contain or that carry FDA warnings.

No big clumps of salt in the bottom, and the Aloe is preserved to give you the best stability. The solution is the only product on the market that does not have a grainy texture, and the refining process was developed by  A + Ocean. That is what makes our product stand alone from any other product.


A + Ocean Tattoo Removal Solution is best stored in the refridgerator for maximum shelf life.


You will find if you follow the manufacturers recomendations excellent results can be obtained to either remove the tattoo or lighten it enough to do corrective work. With A + Ocean Tattoo Removal Solution, the goal is to create a superficial, controlled scab. It is the bodies natural healing process that removesd or lightens the pigment when the scab falls off. Under no circumstances should reapplication be done within 30 days.

A + Ocean Tattoo Removal Solution 1.5 Ounce (44mL)

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  • Returns will only be accepted up to 30 days after original purchase, and only if goods are faulty or damaged. Returns must be sent to A + Ocean Australasia, PO Box 389, Mandurah, Western Australia, 6210. Return freight is at your own expense.

  • Labelling laws require A PLus Ocean Products to have an "Expiry" date. A Plus Ocean Microlite and Conventional Tattoo Removal Solutions contain no agents that "go off". There may be a sediment ring that settles on the top, this is normal and a good shake of the bottle with fix this. A Plus Ocean should be stored in the refridgerator.

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