Micro-Lite targets scar tissue caused by bad microblading (Scars from microblading are different ftom traditional permanent makeup or tattoo scarring)

The molecular structure of the formulation breaks through this type microbladed scar tissue.

The formulation will cause a hypertonic reaction within the cells releasing the pigment particles from this type of tattoo.

Bonus: You may prefer the consistency of this product over the original A+Ocean if you are doing removal using hand-tools.

Professional use only. Training required.

A Plus Ocean Micro Lite twin pack

  • Labelling laws require A PLus Ocean Products to have an "Expiry" date. A Plus Ocean Microlite and Conventional Tattoo Removal Solutions contain no agents that "go off". There may be a sediment ring that settles on the top, this is normal and a good shake of the bottle with fix this. A Plus Ocean should be stored in the refridgerator.

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