The best Tattoo Removal Solution available

A + Ocean Saline Tattoo Removal Solution. Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia

This lady came to us with a poorly done eye line that was driving her nuts.

The A Plus Ocean Solution was able to safely remove the unwanted eye line in only a couple of sessions and a fraction of the price and discomfort of other methods.

A Plus Ocean is now available in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. If you are a tattoo artist or Cosmetic Tattoo Technician, you can add to your business by offering this service.

There is an online training webinar available, but nothing beats hands on training. We offer hands on small class training in our Western Australian Clinic or, we can come to your clinic (conditions apply) .

Don't be fooled by imitations, there is only 1 A Plus Ocean Tattoo Removal Solution, and only 1 Authorized Australian distributor. To find out more about our next online webinar, click here.

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